Our Plans for This Blog

The Foresight blog is but the first step towards creation of a vital, engaging and sustainable online platform to facilitate:

  • access to trend information
  • awareness and discussion about predictions and prescriptions
  • ongoing strategic dialogue about what this all means for the future of our work in Canada’s leisure industries.

Imagine …

A place to turn to when you need trend information - facts:

  • ongoing professional monitoring of trend sources related to leisure, leisure behaviours, related services, and leadership competencies – summaries on line, links available if more detail is required
  • a community of trendwatchers representing every aspect of the leisure industries networked and regularly submitting material and links – a shared commitment to keeping up to date

A hub of debate about future possibilities - insight:

  • predictions or prescriptions about the future of leisure, leisure behaviours, and related service needs - identified, summarized and linked
  • synopsis of and links to similar discussions about more generic leadership competencies: community planning and development, human resource management, diversity, resource development, marketing/communications
  • blogs by individuals with foresight talking about what it all means
  • forums that facilitate active reflection and comment on trends, predictions and prescriptions
  • regular theme papers (blogs) by the moderators – catalysts for debate.

A service to help leisure industries focus on the future - consensus:

  • dialogue that shifts foresight to strategy
  • a network that constantly generates recommendations for the leisure industries to consider as they plan for their future in dynamic operating environments
  • regular DELPHI work with trendwatchers/participants to find agreement on how best to react, position and prepare
  • a service that builds our collective confidence about moving forward.

How do we get there from here?

Phase 1: ACE/ARPA has agreed to fund the initial content for this longer term project through a contract with Ken Balmer and Brenda Clarke, RETHINK (West) Inc. This blog serves as the interim host for that content.

Phase 2: As this initial content development work is progressing, ACE/ARPA consultants can begin to build an engaging online platform to support the activities described in the ‘Imagine’ section above. Essentially this platform would be a highly interactive website with an exciting, independent look and branding capable of recognizing future funders or investors.

Phase 3: Throughout phases 1 and 2, the ACE/ARPA/RETHINK team would be recruiting supporters

  • trendwatchers interested in monitoring the literature in their area of expertise
  • industry leaders with foresight who would be interested in participating as initial bloggers and DELPHI panelists
  • partners/investors who understand the significance of the resource for their stakeholders

We also intend to engage organizational partners across Canada who could serve as an ongoing advisory committee (e.g. ARPA counterparts in other provinces, Canadian Parks Council, Canadian Tourism Commission) – and share in the development of a sustainability plan to address ongoing costs related to maintaining the infrastructure, moderating input, and providing host/catalyst leadership.

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